I suspect someone I know is an addict

Educate yourself about addiction, treatment and recovery

While there is no known cause of addiction, research suggests it can be influenced by genetics. Understanding the addict and their family’s alcohol and drug using history can assist in the early discussions that might take place.

Seek out professional advice. Specialists in the Alcohol and Drug field work with addiction on a regular basis and can help guide you see to the signs and behaviors that may be occurring. Continue to educate yourself about addiction, treatment and recovery and have resources available.

When communicating with someone you suspect has a problem

  • Avoid communicating with the person when they are under the influence
  • Don’t allow your own negative feelings or fear affect your communication
  • Rationalizing to yourself will not help, stay factual
  • Ask open ended questions
  • No blaming or shaming
  • Avoid arguments and judgmental comments
  • It is important not to be critical  
  • Use your resources for getting the addict help