Alcohol and Drug HELP


Does someone you love have a problem?

When someone you love is engaged in self-destructive behavior, it’s hard to stand back and watch.

Many people don’t know how to help or what to do

Pleading with the person to change, is usually met with a wall of aggression, avoidance, or perhaps just a flat refusal to acknowledge that something is wrong.

Sometimes, the person promises to change and may even maintain it for a time, but they always seem to return to the same old pattern of destructive behavior. Either way, you end up feeling powerless and full of despair, believing that nothing can be done.

You can do something… and you can do it now!

Waiting won’t change anything but reaching out for practical and immediate help can.

What is an intervention?

An intervention is a way of helping somebody to accept help, when they have previously refused to accept it. The goal is simple – to help the person admit that they do need help and have them agree to seek professional treatment.

Treatment options and referral are part of our service.

It is used for a family member, friend or employee who is engaged in any self-destructive behavior that is causing stress and worry:

  • someone who is drinking too much and/or too often
  • someone who is using drugs
  • someone who is gambling excessively

INTERVENTION is the most loving, powerful and successful method yet, for getting people to admit they need help.

Please call to speak to our intervention specialist Belinda Walsh on 0416 269 097. Or visit us at