About Us

The Right Time - Gavin Crosisca, Mark Fine, Mick Hall - SEN 1116

I met Mark Fine from SEN through Reclink Australia, an organization that supports under privilege and disadvantaged people. We connected through the Football competition which I Coach and Mark gives his time umpiring.

Since finding Recovery one of my passions is to help open up the conversation and awareness on the disease of addiction that I struggled with silently for many years. I discussed with Finey my ambition of helping others and how a radio segment specifically on this topic could benefit the community.
At the same time Mick Hall from DayHab had been involved with SEN appearing on radio with Mark Fine talking about his personal story on addiction and recovery and the overall discussion of the impact addiction is having on our community. From the public’s response it was clear that our community needed and wanted very much to be openly discussing this topic.

With our combined interest and desire to make a positive impact on de-stigmatising and addressing this serious issue with the SEN listeners, we knew it was time, "The Right Time”.
Together we have one common goal. To spread the message that Recovery from addiction is possible, beautiful, positive, and achievable. We can help support and let people know that no matter what is happening or where you come from addiction can touch anyone; from a family member, to a colleague, a lover, brother, sister or friend.

There is hope! This show is dedicated to all those who have suffered in some way directly or indirectly from addiction.